A.Definition of the player: The rule is related to the sport codes football and futsal.

  1. The players are ineligible to participate in the EMF EURO, EMF Champions League and EMF EUROCUP events under EMF guidance if they have been registered in the current 1st or 2nd division of 11-a-side Football. As a rule, a football season starts in the autumn (August - September) of the year in question and continues through to the spring (May - June) of the following year.
  2. Players who have been registered at their national futsal squad players for the last FIFA/UEFA Futsal World Cup/EURO (most current one) and the relevant qualifications for the tournament at stake, are not allowed to participate in EMF EURO for the current year
  3. Consequently, players with status mentioned in point 1, at the time of the EMF competition or up to and including the preceding 4 calendar months before the day of the opening ceremony of an EMF competition, are not allowed to participate as a player. I.e., if a tournament begins on the 1st of June, a player must not have been a professional player after the 1st February in that year in order to be eligible to play.

B) To be sure about the status of a player and if it is accepted, the National Associations can consult the Tournament Committee to avoid complications or disqualification.

C)The eligibility of the players will be verified through the official websites of FIFA, UEFA, Natinonal Football Federations and proven platforms like https://www.transfermarkt.com/, https://int.soccerway.com/, https://football.instatscout.com/login

D) Exception of article A).1. for players registered in countries where Second Division/Tier are purely amateur applies for the following states: - Estonia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Malta, Northern Ireland, Kosovo;

In case of a team or player has been found guilty, all the matches of the team for the relevant competition are void with result 0:5. The sanctions for the team/player will be according to the EMF Disciplinary Code.